Life Journey Guide

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Because every day starts with The First Smallest step of the rest of your life. Which one will you make today?

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  1. Meaning of Life
  2. What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?
  3. For which purposes or common use is T.C.M.?
  4. The 8 main difference between T.C.M. and Western view
  5. Example diseases headache,  high bloodpressure
  6. Tips healthview - Timeless blogs

About me


After 30 years of diagnosing physical and mental issues on severe maters / little common disturbences and of course all levels in between I felt the need of writing my Life conclusion in this e-book

Above all I learned with these experiences to heal my self in the impossible diseases which were diagnosed to be irreversibele. As also in many cases of the clients who were told by authorities they have to learn to live with it.

So hereby my thanks to my clients for their cases which have been a mirror to a view in my personal issues in Life. The result is this Life Journey Guide (more about me)

Meaning of Life

Every living thing in life contains a brightness. In the eyes this brightness (or the lack of it) can be found. Make two pictures on different moments like sadness and joy. Is there a difference to be seen?

How does this brightness can be controlled... sadness find things that make you mad and see what happens